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The Flying Grandpas - GermanyThe Flying Grandpas - are a group of 13 Hamburg police officers who, with pleasure in sports, artistry and humor, have been delighting other people at home and abroad for over 50 years now.

In the beginning there was a motivation problem. In 1964, when sport in Germany was more physical fitness and accordingly "popular", the police offspring should still be encouraged for fun - lets say: coordinated movement sequences are stimulated. Not an easy undertaking at a time when an iron ball with a ribbon, a medicine ball and the notorious gymnastic box were virtually the only sports equipment that was more likely to hurt oneself than to train oneself.

In order to lure the police students (and young officials) into the gym, had a tempting bait ago. Herbert Korth, sports teacher at the LPS (Landespolizeischule) Hamburg, found one - ideally suited to move numerous young contenders to sports: the trampoline. Those who wanted white cloths first had to go to the torture chamber for gymnastics. An extortion method that worked perfectly. For when the International Jubilee Festival of the Police was prepared in the spring of 1964, more than 400 applicants queued to be one of the 50 who were allowed to participate in the trampoline synchronized competition.

Incidentally, in chaste white gymnastics combinations, which were more reminiscent of a sausage pelvis than of sportswear. Herbert Korth, now over 80 years old, chose the best - the trampoline group of the Hamburg police was born. For the next seven years, the troupe - initially only in northern Germany - went from police show to police show. As strictly-protective as the outfit of the trampoline jumper was - uniform with buttoned jacket, white service cap - so unbureaucratic-daring was the performance: Salti with and without screws over up to six motorcycles, high altitude flights over seven horses of the then still existing rider relay and jumps by fire tires neither size nor even by a wall of flames belonged to the standard repertoire of the Korthischen troop.

Men who go through the fire, was then the slogan of the trampoline troupe. First TV appearances, guest performances as extras in cinema and TV production as well as performances in the Hamburg State Opera accompanied the career of the trampoline jumper. Herbert's imagination in terms of new ventures was almost limitless - true to the motto: The high-altitude flight is learnable.

For his grand finale in 1971, the troop chief gave everything again - ditto the trampolists. A jump combination of Minitramp- Bock- Minitramp- Horse- Minitramp- Mats (and synchronously on two lanes!) Let the boys show what they could. To this day, the design of the devices in this form is considered to be unique in the world.

When Herbert left - Helmuth Tonne took over. With the change of line also the program changed. Now sport should be combined with (even more) fun; and from then on, they performed in 1920's style Grandpa sports costumes. The trampoline turnaround shown in this outfit was a hit with both the crowd and the media and gave the troupe its new name: The Flying Grandpas: The flying grandpas toured not only in Germany, but also abroad: appearances in Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Portugal and even the USA and Australia made the troupe known far beyond Germany's borders. The clear highlight for all members was and is the participation in the Canadian music event "Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo in Halifax. Meanwhile, The Flying Grandpas have participated in this event for the tenth time.

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